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    Patient Education

    At the Sanoudos Kapakian Orthodontic Clinic it is very important for us that our patients will stay safe and comfortable during their orthodontic treatment. Our team and the doctors will instruct every patient about their dental hygiene and their life with braces. Here are some top braces tips:


    Life with Braces

    During your orthodontic treatment some of your eating habits will have to change. That is because certain foods have the tendency to break or damage your braces. Please avoid foods that are:


    • Hard – like apples, even apple slices, carrots, ice, nuts, chips
    • Sticky – like caramel, gums
    • Tough – like bagels, pizza crust, steak.


    Dental Hygiene Advice

    Regarding your dental hygiene, you will have to work a little harder in order to keep your mouth and the braces appliances clear. Sanoudos Kapakian Clinic staff will give you complete instructions and demonstrate the methods you should follow to clean and take care of your orthodontic brackets and other appliances.



    In case of emergency, we are always here for you. As soon as you contact the doctor he will try to get in touch with your needs as soon as possible.


    • More than mild discomfort – Consult your doctor.
    • Poking Wire – If the wire has fallen out of the tube/brace in the back add some wax and contact us.
    • Broken Bracket – In case of broken braces you should contact us to make an appointment in order to bond the broken bracket.


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