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For Doctors

    For Doctors

    What is Collaboration?

    One of the best descriptions of collaboration can be found in Beyerlein & Harris book ‘Guiding the Journey to Collaborative Work Systems’. They describe collaboration as:


    “The collective work of two or more people where the work is undertaken with a sense of shared purpose and direction that is attentive, responsive and adaptive to the environment”.


    We always enjoy to work together with our colleagues of different specialties in order to share knowledge and experience so we can achieve the best of results for every patient of ours.


    Dr Sanoudos presentations

    Intrusion and extrusion with Invisalign

    Σύγχρονες Αντιλήψεις Σχετικά Με Την Ηλικία Έναρξης Ορθοδοντικής Θεραπείας

    Influence of nicotine on bone formation in the expanded maxillary suture

    Νέες Και Γρήγορες Τεχνικές Ορθοδοντικής Θεραπείας: Μύθοι Και Πραγματικότητα


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