Chairs & treatment machines in the Sanoudos Kapakian cosmetic orthodontic practice in Glyfada Athens

The Practice

Kids' artwork & treatment chairs in Sanoudos Kapakian cosmetic orthodontic dental practice in Athens

The Practice

Desk, computers & light reflected in mirror in the Sanoudos Kapakian orthodontic practice in Glyfada

The Practice

The Sanoudos Kapakian cosmetic dental practice orthodontic treatment room located in Glyfada, Athens

The Practice

Lady waits for orthodontic treatment in the Sanoudos Kapakian practice reception in Glyfada, Athens

The Practice

    Orthodontic Practice

    Sanoudos Kapakian Orthodontic Practice

    Enjoy your visit to Sanoudos Kapakian Orthodontic Clinic in Glyfada in a sophisticated and modern environment. Our practice is equipped with the latest orthodontic technologies combined with the expertise of our highly trained orthodontists.


    First Orthodontic Visit

    During the first visit to our orthodontic practice you will meet the doctors who will carry out a thorough examination of your facial structure, taking into consideration the tooth alignment, jaw function, health of the soft tissues and occlusion.


    We believe that good communication is the heart of a great collaboration, the doctors will take time to discuss what they have observed and you can address to them any concerns or cosmetic expectations.


    If Orthodontic Treatment is Required

    Every patient will receive an individual assessment and a detailed plan of orthodontic treatment.


    All treatments will begin with an appointment during which we will take dental impressions, digital images of the face and the teeth. X-rays are also important for us to create a complete Orthodontic Treatment Plan for you.

    What is an orthodontic treatment?